Re “BOOT”ed

God has given us an opportunity to re-BOOT Boot Camp in Australia by providing a great young couple who love God very much and who love young people. Tim and Monika Foulkes have taken a step of faith to join the TMIA staff family. They are raising support to come to the Tewantin base by February 2019. Lord willing and if all goes well with their support, this will also mean in December 2019 we will move Boot Camp from New Zealand back to Australia. But if we are going to do this we NEED everyone’s help, yes FTM’s that means you. First thing is to pray for Tim and Monika, they will need to raise monthly financial support to come. Without finances or them we cannot move forward. Please pray and see what God has put on your heart to help them out. Second, we need help to recruit young people across Australia to get up and running again. FTM’s have always been our best and most productive recruiter’s over the years as well as great leaders. So yes, we need to start looking for leaders to lead the teams, that is our third prayer request. Rena and I are heading out in a step of faith and looking for projects for 2019. More about teams around November. Again, we praise God for the possibility of getting things going once again. Watch for more updates.

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