MEXICO Church 1902

MEXICO Church 1902

DATES OF INVOLVEMENT: December 14, 2019 – January 25, 2020

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Get ready for burritos and amigos under the Mexican sun! With more than 50% of children living in poverty and corruption all around, it is easy for anyone to feel powerless and without hope in this nation. This summer, you have a chance to display the power and hope that God has given you, to the people you meet. After your training at Boot Camp in Tewantin, QLD, you will fly from Brisbane International Airport to Sydney, then on to Mérida, Mexico via the US. Here, you will begin building an interdenominational church for the local community in the Yucatán Peninsula, a short bus ride from where you will be staying in Camp Porvenir. Work at your lodging site will also keep you busy, as the campsite looks to extend their ministry. Opportunities abound to meet with these people, and encourage and share about Jesus. If you don’t speak Spanish, now is the perfect time to start learning! But actions speak louder than words – and will cross any language barrier. You have an opportunity to show the love and kindness of God through your work, commitment and attitude as you serve this summer. While here, you may visit the ancient Mayan city of Chichen Itza and see its pyramid, or spend time in the markets bartering for local goods such as traditional hammocks, bags or ponchos – a bonus to the fellowship and adventure that awaits you on this team. You have the power to reach out and change the world! Will you use it?

Cost: AU$4235

Prices DO NOT include the registration fee or any travel to Boot Camp and home from Tewantin QLD.  All clothing, passport, visas, immunizations, equipment deposits, air tax or levies, changes in exchange rates, personal expenses, spending money and any other items required are at the participant’s expense. These expenses may vary substantially and will be made known to you nearer the time of departure and when an accurate cost can be determined by the airlines and immigration. We apologize for any and all inconveniences.

Note: Project details and travel paths may change during the year.

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