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Our Diploma program is set out in full time two years program. It is divided into four semester’s terms. Once completed you will receive a Diploma of Biblical Studies and Missions

Semester 1

Old Testament Survey I (QLD275BIB03A) – An overview and analysis of the Bible from Genesis through to the Song of Solomon

Hermeneutics (QLD275INT06A) – Learn the science of studying and interpreting the Bible and accurately applying it to a relevant and understandable context.

 Pedagogy (CHCEDS418B) – Gain valuable skills in the laws and methods of teaching, plus specific techniques for engaging different age groups. 

Spiritual Life (QLD275SPI07A) – An in-depth look at developing and maintaining your spiritual life with a special focus on holiness 

Semester 2

Old Testament Survey II (QLD275BIB03A)  An overview and analysis of the Old Testament major and minor prophets

Church History I (QLD275HIS09A) – Explore the development of the church from Pentecost through to the schism of AD1054

Doctrine I (QLD275DOC04A) – Bibliology (Study of the Bible), Theology (Study of God) and Christology (Study of Christ)

Speech and Preaching (BSBCMM401A) – Develop the art of public speaking and Homiletics (preaching the Word)

Missions I (QLD275MIS01A)  Explore the philosophy of missions, its Biblical, Historical foundations and current missionary considerations in the world today  

Semester 3

New Testament Survey I (QLD275BIB03A) – An overview and analysis of the four Gospels and Acts

Doctrine II (QLD275DOC04A) – Study Pneumatology, Soteriology, Eschatology, Ecclesiology, Angelology, Anthropology and Hamartiology

Church History II (QLD275HIS09A) – Explore Church history from AD1054 to the Present-Day

Old Testament Survey IIa (QLD275BIB03A)  An overview and analysis of the Old Testament major prophets

Semester 4

New Testament Survey II (QLD275BIB03A) – An overview and analysis of Romans to Revelation

Christian Evidences (QLD275DEF05A) – An introduction to apologetics and equipping students in the defence of their faith   

Personal Evangelism and World Religions (QLD275PEV08A) – Explore the foundations and methods of evangelism and discipleship with special focus on major world religions and cults

Missions II (QLD275MIS01A) – Practical information and skills helpful for preparation for the mission field with special focus on cross cultural considerations

Additional Training

Leadership training Seminar – Prepares students for leading on short term youth missionary teams and working with Teen Missions Bases worldwide 

Applied First Aid – Learn the basics in first Aid and be ready for many situations through this Nationally Recognised Qualification


Entire Course Delivery

Personal and Spiritual Growth for Ministry – Assists students holistically with their spiritual journey with special focus on mentoring, goal setting and guiding them in personal and spiritual development for ministry

Practical Life Skills for ministry – Afternoon training that prepares and equips students for their internship and enables them to become competent in performing a wide variety of practical tasks that are often used in everyday missionary life.

Local Ministry outreach – Develop an outward focus and integrate all areas of learning into an authentic ministry environment in the local community 

Internship Electives

Youth Leadership in Missions Internship (8 weeks) – Students are placed as leaders on a Teen Missions International Australia summer team. Designed to give students workplace experience in a cross-cultural ministry context and give them an opportunity to demonstrate the integration of their 9 months of study within a missionary workplace environment. Special consideration is given to Youth Leadership and the discipleship of teenagers within a missionary cross-cultural context.  

Missionary Placement Internship (17 weeks) – Students spend their internship at one of the many Teen Missions bases around the world. Designed to give students workplace experience in a cross-cultural ministry context and give them an opportunity to demonstrate the integration of their 9 months of study within a missionary workplace environment.



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