Camp Pricing


Cabins – 8 availableCamp Ground Cabins

These one bedroom cabins sleep 2-5 people, depending on cabin size.
Non A/C $13.00 per person                                                             A/C $17.00 for one person, $29.00 for two people, $43.00 for three people


Bunkrooms – 8 availableCamp Ground - Bunks

Two of the A-Frame buildings have four separate bunk rooms each.

$11.00 per person Mattresses provided


A-Frame Buildings – 4 availableCamp Ground A-Frame Buildings

These A-Frame buildings contain sleeping platforms which will sleep up to 20 in each.

$9.00 per person

B.Y.O mattress (some mattresses are available)


Powered site $14.00 per person

Non powered site $9.00 per person


$9.00 per person

Day Visitor

$4.00 per day (visitor not staying overnight)

Kitchen Hire

Kitchen Usage $50.00 per day.

Cool Room (Optional Extra) $25.00 per day

Other Facilities 

*Bonfire $50.00 per bonfire

*Camp fires $7.00 per camp fire

Excess rubbish removal fee $45.00 per tip trip

Additional electrical items $3.00 per item per day

*Please note fires are subjected to weather conditions and council fire bands

** Note All prices are subject to change without notice