Conference Sessions

What topics can I choose from?

Primary Session: Character > Calling

What is God’s will for my life? Could one of the most common questions for Christians have a very simple answer? To follow Christ and be like Him. 

‘But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.’ – Matthew 6:33

We get caught up in chasing after temporary things, and confuse and entangle ourselves in many different activities looking for something that we are meant to do and be. We are called to have one great passion and desire. As younger Christians, we put off prioritising God until later in life, when He would have us grow to look like Him now! 

This session focusses on why who you are is more important than what you do, and how you can grow in maturity right now. 

Optional Session 1: Integrity

Why is ‘hypocrisy’ one of the first things people associate with Christians? Why do so few Christians look like Jesus? 

We want to be like Jesus, but the reality is that we are not there yet. In our journey of growing in maturity in Christ, how do we avoid stagnation and frustration, while maintaining our integrity, and not pretending we are something we are not? How can we be genuine and authentic, and avoid misrepresenting Jesus?

This session details how to avoid living a double life and misspending our energy in keeping up appearances. It aims to give you some training in how to endure the journey of living as a child of God. 

Optional Session 2: Deception

What is true and what is not? We can build our lives on lies and never even realise. It has never been more important for Christians to be able to discern the truth and weed out the lies; but how can we see them coming, particularly if they are already a part of our lives? 

Our enemy uses lies to sabotage our faith, but we are not defenseless. We need to learn how to live lives clinging to the truth that has been freely given to us. 

This session will give insight on how to recognise when we are being deceived and what to do about it. 

Optional Session 3: Motivation

A lot of the reason we don’t do good things, whether it is reading the Bible, studying hard, praying or staying healthy, isn’t because we don’t want to; it is because we just can’t find any motivation or energy to make it happen. Our time is eaten up instead with things that really don’t matter to us. 

Interruptions, distractions and a lack of motivation are killing our best intentions. Why? How do we overcome such a common problem in a world so full of distractions? 

This session aims to provide you with motivation that flows from the right source, and rises above distractions and ever-changing circumstances.

Optional Session 4: Boldness

Why are we so afraid of everything? What happened to the boldness of Christian men and women throughout Church history, who gladly laid their lives down for the joy that was promised? Why don’t we experience that same confidence? Where does that kind of confidence come from and how can we learn it?

Anxiety and worry are unwelcome but common companions to many young Christians today, but it doesn’t have to be this way. 

This session highlights the differences between arrogance and confidence as Christians and how fear, with God’s help, can be overcome in every situation. 

What does the conference look like?

Each topic comprises of five 30-minute sessions: Inspiration, Reflection, Discussion, Question & Construction. Conferences are normally comprised of three topics over the course of Friday night and Saturday.


During this time, we will hear what the Word of God has to say about the particular topic. Each session will examine numerous Bible verses for example as well as instruction. These will form the basis of our study for the topic.


This time will be set aside to follow up thoughts that have arisen from the previous session. A booklet is provided with the scripture verses from the talk, as well as diagnostic tools and topical questions to provoke further thought.


This section of the session will allow groups to share their thoughts and opinions about what has been meaningful or helpful to them.


During this time a panel will be organised from some of the “experts” in attendance to answer any questions or provide relevant experience on queries that have arisen from the previous 3 sections.


This time is spent pulling together all of the things that have surfaced during the previous 4 parts. Participants will determine what they are going to do with what they have been learning, consider and plan how to practically implement it.

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