Frequently asked questions

Is Teen Missions affiliated with any specific denominations?

No. Teen Missions is not a denomination but is interdenominational. Teen Missions staff, leaders and team members come from a wide range of evangelical denominations.

What is Teen Missions’ policy on doctrine?

Teen Missions does not discuss or teach the doctrines that divide the body of believers. Teens asking questions of specific doctrinal issues are directed to their parents and/or pastors. Doctrines included in the Teen Missions Doctrinal Statement are taught.

Where does Teen Missions’ Doctrinal Statement come from?

This doctrinal statement is taken from the doctrine statement of Youth For Christ and is consistent with evangelical and interdenominational organisations. .

What are the basic parts of the program?

Teen Missions summer mission trip program has three main parts: Boot Camp, Field Project and Debrief.

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Does Teen Missions screen team members?

Teen Missions does not require recommendations or referees before team members are assigned to teams. Teen Missions does, however, have a strict screening process for its leaders and requires them to undergo the Teen Missions’ Leader’s Seminar before they are permitted to lead a team.

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Why 15cm boots?

For safety reasons, 15cm construction boots are required for all team members and leaders throughout the duration of the team. Besides the obvious safety advantages for a work project site and rugged terrain, these boots protect against disease caused by human and animal waste found on and in the ground in some places overseas.

What is Boot Camp?

Boot Camp is given its name because everyone is required to wear work boots. It is a rugged training facility where young people learn team work on the Obstacle Course and experience each training activity as a team. Teens undergo training in basic construction, evangelism, music, drama, and spiritual and practical survival skills in preparation for their summer project.

What is the purpose of the Obstacle Course?

A timed obstacle course is used to unify a team and to teach them how to work together and to prepare the team for situations which may be encountered while overseas.

Do I have to run the Obstacle Course?

All team members are required to participate in the Obstacle Course to the best of their ability. In the case of a medical condition, a doctor’s note is required to be excused from doing the obstacles. In this case, team members will walk the course, so they will be involved as much as possible with the rest of the team.

Can I arrive at Boot Camp late, or leave Debrief early?

Sorry, no. Boot Camp training commences mid-December, and the teams leave for the field around Christmas Day. Participants spend three to four weeks on the field with the team of their choice. Returning to Tewantin for Debrief, teens conclude their training together. Involvement in the summer program requires that each teen sign a statement saying they will stay through to the end of Debrief.

If your schooling year is not finished in time for the commencement of Boot Camp, or returns earlier than ‘Go Day’ at the end of Debrief, please seek release to miss these days of school. We cannot accommodate for special family events during the time of the summer program. If you or your teen will be unable to stay for the whole time, it would be best not to sign up. Sorry, there are no exceptions for this.

What is done in the case of serious illness or injury?

At Boot Camp, a nominated First Aider is available 24 hours a day. All leaders for all teams are trained in First Aid. While on the field, if a team member is sick for more than 24 hours, they will visit a doctor, clinic, or whatever medical facility is available to be seen by a health care worker. The location of these medical facilities and doctors is determined in advance so that no time is wasted in getting team members proper care.

What happens in the event of political unrest, natural disaster or other safety issues while the team is overseas?

Teen Missions monitors all the locations of teams, and is in communication with the missionaries that the teams will be working with. In the event of any political unrest, natural disaster, or other safety issues arising, Teen Missions will transfer a team from it’s project to another site. We will do whatever necessary to ensure, to the best of our ability, the safety of each team member and leader.

Will I receive news updates?

Each team member is required to send a letter home once a week. Team members are also permitted a phone call home (time permitting) prior to departure overseas and upon return before the beginning of Debrief. We receive regular reports from teams while on the field, and post as many updates and photos on our Facebook page and website as possible, to share with friends and family at home.

What about special diets and medications?

Any special medications or diet restrictions are reported to Teen Missions on the Health Status Forms. Appropriate measures are taken by the team leadership to ensure the proper care of each team member while under their care. Medical conditions are reported to Teen Missions during the registration process and occasionally may limit mission trip choices to destinations that allow for suitable care.

Can I send my teen care packages?

We ask that no care packages be sent to team members while on any part of their summer team. In many cases, packages sent to team members arrive after the team has left, and it becomes the responsibility of the full time missionary on the field to pay for any customs and taxes that the country charges out of his or her own finances. In most countries, packages cannot be returned to sender, and MUST be claimed by the missionary.

Can I spend Christmas with my teen?

We do not cease the Boot Camp or summer program to return home for Christmas. The dates of each summer change each year, and thus, Christmas occurs at different times during the program. Some years, teens will be overseas already.

While you will not be able to visit your teen during Christmas Day, as their commitments of training and preparation for the field continues, the 2019 Commissioning Service which concludes our time of training at Boot Camp is on the evening of 25 December – Christmas Day. Parents, family and friends are welcome and encouraged to join us for this ceremony and time of celebration together. While this may not be a traditional Christmas celebration, sharing this time together can be equally special, if you are able to join us. More information about this is released closer to the time.

Do I need a passport?

All team members and leaders are required to have a passport that is valid for 6 months after the dates of involvement for the coming summer.

How are the funds I raise spent?

The Project Expenses that team members raise are dispersed by Teen Missions to cover the expenses of the team transportation, food, building supplies and operational expenses.

Why do I need such a big duffel bag?

Each team member and leader is limited to one duffel bag. Your personal weight limit is 15kg! This is in order to take team food and equipment. (Yes, your bag is included in your 15kg.) A duffel of 110L capacity or more will fit all your General Fact Sheet requirements plus the extra team gear which brings you up to the airline weight limit. Everything you bring must fit inside your duffel bag (this includes sleeping mats and pillows).