Fundraisers are a great way to raise funds for your summer team. Make sure to inform those supporting you of what you will be doing over your summer. Some things you could do for fundraising are,

  • imageedit_1_3671180605Chocolate Drive – Mars Bars or Freddo Frogs
  • Odd jobs – offer to work for $5 or $10 an hour – cleaning, babysitting, etc.
  • Theme night – set up a movie night/dinner following the theme of the country you will be heading to on your summer team.
  • Small change boxes or jars – have a box or jar at your church with a photo of the team member and a summary of the mission and when, or offer to people to take home and fill with loose change and then return to the team member when full.
  • Sell cans of drink – sell cans for $1 at church or other functions you can get permission to be at.
  • Church garage sale – allow members of the church to donate their own items and set up a garage sale in your church building.
  • Cake sale – cook cakes, pies, slices etc and then sell them in your town, or at the local market.
  • Car wash – this is a simple and easy way to raise funds. It might be a good idea to do your car wash on a Sunday after church.
  • Fun Day – invite youth groups, family, and friends. Attract by having events such as a mud bowl; wheelie bin races etc.
  • Dog walking – let your friends, family and neighbourhood know that you are willing to walk their dogs for a donation towards your summer team.
  • Bonfire/Barbeque – invite both your church family and friends and have an outdoor barbeque and bonfire for a donation towards your trip.
  • Trivia Night – test teams (tables) on general knowledge, Bible, entertainment, current events, etc. Prizes for winning group.


Within your support packet you will receive a letter explaining where your summer team is going and what your team will be doing. Explain to your contributor what you are doing, talk to them about your need for support, and if they would like to assist you, provide them with this letter which has a payment plan and coupon attached. Make sure to send a thank you card to your supporters!

Here is a sample letter:sample letter watermarked


sample prayer card copyYou will receive personalized prayer cards in your registration packet. These will help you in establishing prayer support for your summer mission trip. Prayer is vital as you step out to serve the Lord in overseas missions – at this time you will especially need God’s wisdom, strength and love.

Distribute these prayer cards to people who are willing to pray for you – family, church, youth groups, and friends. It is a good idea to keep a list of people that you give these prayer cards to.

The prayer cards have suggestions for prayer on them, but if you have additional prayer requests, share them with the people you give your prayer cards to so that they can pray for you while you are preparing for your summer team, during your summer team and once you have returned home.