AIDS Orphans and Street Children

AIDS Orphans was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1993.  In 1997 AIDS Orphans and Street Children began with a traditional orphanage.  By 2001 we discovered a new concept in taking the “orphanage to the orphan” and that has allowed us a more practical way to help thousands.

Worldwide, there are an estimated 17.8 million AIDS Orphans. Of that number,15.1 million live in sub-saharan Africa (that’s over 85%). The vision and goal of AOSC is to provide for children whose parents have died of the HIV/AIDS virus, or widows who do not have a sustaining family. So, in 1992 Robert M. Bland, President of Teen Missions Int’l. (TMI) asked the TMI board for seed money to start orphanages to rescue as many children as possible. The TMI-board not only gave start-up funds but also full use of all their video studio, printing, and graphics equipment.


Zambia has one of the world’s most devastating HIV and AIDS epidemics. One in every seven adults in Zambia is living with HIV and life expectancy at birth has fallen to just 49 years. Did you know that nearly half of all Zambians are between 5 and 25 years old? Therefore, AIDS Orphans and Street Children exists to help meet the orphan’s nutritional, medical, educational, social and spiritual needs.

How We Help

We help by using a concept of taking the orphanage to the orphans, these are known as Rescue Units. Set up as small portable buildings, Rescue Units are placed near the orphans’ own villages. We can help several hundred orphans in a 5 – 8 km radius of a Unit which we couldn’t possibly do with a resident orphanage.  Through these Units, we are meeting the needs of children who once had no one to care for them. We assist the children by providing them with:

  • Medical treatment and the provision of malaria and other common preventative medications.
  • Food during nutrition seminars and teaching them how to plant gardens and care for animals to prevent starvation.
  • Educational opportunities by providing school fees and uniforms for primary education.
  • Camps for spiritual and social development.We are also making a difference by enhancing village
  • life through the donations of nutrition seminars, wells and grinding mills.

Get Involved

For only $20 per month you can sponsor one of the orphans at the Wangibasha AIDS Orphans Rescue Unit in Zambia. This unit was constructed and further developed by Australian Adult Work Teams! Sponsorship money supplements the unit which provides school fees, uniforms, medicine, blankets and food for around 250 orphans registered there. Facilitators at the unit also teach the orphans about nutrition and practical skills such as sewing and farming. Most importantly,the orphans are shown the love of Jesus!

“But whoever has this world’s goods, and sees his brother in need, and shuts up his heart from him, how does the love of God abide in him.” – I John 3:17 (NKJV)

Projects with Eternal Purpose enables us to have additional outreach with not only the orphans, but also their entire villages. We do not want to just meet their physical needs, but want to meet their spiritual needs as well by introducing them to the Lord Jesus Christ.You can also support the Rescue Units by providing funds to purchase things such as, goats, solar panels, granary and much more. For more information click photo (right).

How to donate

If you are interested in doing direct deposit, here are the bank details:
Commonwealth Bank
BSB  #064439
Account  #1002 0150

Please make sure your name and project is listed next to the deposit.

For more information, please contact us by phone on (07) 5449 9765 or email us at