Boot Camp (NZ)

Boot Camp is a primitive, 7 day training camp at Karakariki Christian Camp, just outside of Hamilton, NZ.  It is held just prior to the team beginning their team project. It is designed to help young people form together as a team, and learn how to work so that they are ready for the mission field. Boot Camp is one of the three components of the summer (Boot Camp, Field Time & Debrief): it is not a separate program.

Teens and leaders get up early and work hard all day. Classes include construction, puppets, Bible memory, music and evangelism.

The teams are supervised and led by adult leaders who have been screened and trained by Teen Missions.  Leaders maintain discipline and encourage their young people to become all God wants them to be.

A timed obstacle course includes a rope swing over a moat, ordering the books of the Bible at ‘Israel’s Luggage’, climbing ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ and a four metre wall, helping unify each team and teaching team members how to work together.

Boot Camp is not all work though, as young people learn to trust God for every part of their lives in the morning Bible Hour classes, the evening rallies, daily personal devotions and team prayer times.  Boot Camp finishes with a Commissioning Service as teams begin their ‘field’ time of service.