Teen Missions teams cannot go anywhere without godly men and women to lead them.

You will be placed on a team by Teen Missions based on your strengths, experience and the needs of each leadership team. You may be asked to change teams at any time. Your preferences for a team are taken into consideration where possible.

Requirements / Qualifications

Leaders need a desire for missions, love for youth, keenness for discipleship and a heart to serve. We ask that all leaders are willing to be flexible, and willing to serve on any team.

Leaders must be at least 21 years old. Former team members must be 18, with recommendation from your previous leaders. Families with children can go, and there is no other age limit.

Teen Missions will train you for the summer. Leaders commit to significant preparation for their team, including paperwork, screening, dedication to personal growth and attending a training seminar (dates TBA) and arrival for Refresher Day and preparation for Boot Camp by 12pm on 24 December 2020.

How do I know if I’m ready?

Are you an FTM between 18 and 21 years old – but not sure if you are ready to lead? Ask yourself these questions, as a starting point.

  • What are your motives for leading a team?
    • Feeling “too old to be a team member but not quite ready lead” is not a good reason to sign up as a team leader. Just because you are old enough to lead a team doesn’t mean you are ready. Are you looking for status or to serve?
    • There are boundless opportunities to develop your leadership as a team member, and you are welcome to ask your leaders to help you prepare for future leadership by taking on more responsibilities, and being shown the different roles and expectations of leadership.
  • What are your priorities: are they disciple-making or gaining missions experience?
    • The priority for team leaders is building your team members, spiritually and practically.
    • If your priorities are being able to engage in the team project, with work and evangelism, come as a team member.
  • Where is your focus: the teens on your team or the people in your desired country of travel?
    • Leaders are asked to be flexible and willing to serve on any team. If you are particularly skilled in a team’s project area, or feel a particular calling to a country we cannot guarantee that you will be placed in that country as a leader though it does factor into the decision making of TMIA for leader placement. If you think you may be disappointed or disengaged in any way by serving on a different team, come as a team member or volunteer to at Bootcamp to pass on your skills.
  • What is your experience: where are you engaged in making disciples now? What positions of leadership do you already hold?
    • If you are not actively making disciples in your day-to-day life, why do you want to do so on a team? Don’t depend on your keenness for discipleship to blossom overnight at the beginning of Boot Camp.
    • Team leaders must be able to lead – get involved with leadership opportunities, discipleship, and serving your local church and community. Take on responsibilities: prove your readiness to yourself!

Please be assured we will be working with you to develop your readiness to lead if you decide to register as a team leader.

Email us (info@teenmissions.com.au) if you have any questions about leading a summer team.