Leaders needed

Teen Missions teams cannot go anywhere without godly men and women to lead them. No special skills needed, just a desire for missions, love for youth and a willing heart to serve and be flexible. Leaders are to be at least 21 (former team members, 18, with recommendation from your previous leaders). Yes, families with children can go, and there is no other age limit.

Teen Missions will train you for the summer. Leaders must attend a training seminar (September 5-8 or December 9-12) and arrive for Boot Camp by 3pm on December 12 (if not already here for seminar). 

While we try to assign leaders to the team of their choice, we ask that they be willing to be flexible. Please note that you may be asked to change teams at a later date, as the requirements for leadership on each team are revealed throughout the year and the leadership teams are evaluated.

Email us (info@teenmissions.com.au) if you have any questions about leading a summer team, or would like more information about what it is like to lead a Teen Missions team.