How do I get the money?

Support raising

It is easier than you think. Since you are helping missionaries, you may ask for and receive missionary support. When your registration form and fee are received, a support packet is sent to you.  This contains a copy of a support letter and a supply of prayer cards to give to friends, relatives, church people and youth groups, to help them pray for you.  The letter states that you have been accepted by Teen Missions for a team and asks them to enable Teen Missions to cover your expenses as a summer missionary by contributing approximately $30 a month for four to five months. It only takes about 20-30 sponsors to cover expenses.

Trusting the Lord and seeing Him provide is a great spiritual blessing and faith-building experience. Your team cost, plus your registration fee is donated to Teen Missions to cover the expenses of your team involvement. These include Boot Camp training, flights, surface travel, food, accommodations and Debrief. Fares are contracted at the time this brochure goes to print. Any extensions or changes to the travel schedule could alter the cost of involvement.


Fundraising can be a faith-building experience for you and your communities; it can also be lots of FUN! Feel free to be creative in your planning – and think about how you can use your own gifts and passions to raise funds.

Download a ‘How-to’ guide to help your with your fundraising strategies!

More ideas coming soon!

Donut Fundraiser: Think about having a display for people to read with information about Teen Missions, the summer team projects, and how people can help and pray for you! Create your own posters with information about Teen Missions and the teams!
Sell hand-made items: Got a gift of sewing? Create a page on social media to advertise your items to friends and family, or set up a stall at a church or community event.