Mission Trips

Why Missions… Why Teen Missions


At Teen Missions we have a range of different countries to go to for short term mission work. We also have trips available for teens and adults. Going on a summer mission trip not only affects the people in the country being evangelized, it also has a lifelong impact on the team members who go.

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Presentation of the Gospel — Everyone at the Lord’s Boot Camp attends the evening rally for cheers, announcements, worship and a message from God’s Word delivered by guest speakers. The message of salvation, through the blood of Jesus Christ on the cross, is clearly presented (especially during the first few rallies) and an opportunity is given to respond and take that first step as a new believer in Christ. Teens are also encouraged to lay down any hindrances to their spiritual walk and/or summer ministry. Our trained full-time missionary staff and leaders are available afterwards to offer encouragement, counsel, and prayer.

Daily Personal Devotions — One part of the daily schedule never changes throughout Boot Camp training, travel, field service and Debrief. Each morning, during the summer, all activities stop for 30 minutes of private personal devotions—a time for reading God’s Word and prayer. We hope this will help to set a pattern that becomes a life-long habit.

Bible Memory Verses — Memorizing Scripture is an effective and important aspect of every Teen Missions trip. Summer missionaries learn new Bible memory verses each day for 40 days and review what they’ve learned during team quizzing each weekend and at debrief. Those who are struggle with memorization can receive one-on-one assistance in learning all the memory verses.



Establishing Good Practices

Better Habits Established

Today’s world is FULL of distractions, many of them might even be ‘good’ things. During the summer however, each young person agrees to part with electronics (video games, cell phones, ipods etc), sports, movies, dating, etc.. This helps reduce distractions and encourage relationship building with the entire team as well as nationals in the host country.

During the summer, each team is given a significant project that many require new skills. Both work and evangelistic assignments will involve hard work and patient determination to see each task through to it’s completion. Character and confidence are built as the team members learn the truth of Philippians 4:13 (I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.)

4habits CollageTraining at the Lord’s Boot Camp is tough and requires teamwork. When one falls or becomes discouraged, others come alongside to encourage and support. Learning to work with others is a valuable life skill in both work and ministry.

The entire summer program involves rules that are necessary for safety, team unity and a positive Christian testimony in transit and while overseas. Faith GrowsLeaders are trained to teach and enforce proper discipline. Through the summer, team members learn self-control, respect for authority and the value of order and discipline.

We take much for granted. Each day we have a roof over our head, clean water, parents who provide for our food and clothing… wash our clothes. We enjoy our music and other material comforts. Most of the world does not live like we do. Most team members return home much more thankful for the ‘little’ things that really aren’t that ‘little’ after all!


New Talents and Experiences

Many team members don’t realize that their personal talents and interests are very much in need in the work of the Lord. We present them with many different aspects of mission work and ministry, realizing they might discover, for the first time, how God might lead them in future ministry. Below is a partial listing of the hands-on training and ministry experience offered over the years during the summer mission trip program. (Note: Not all of these areas are offered every year):

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Increased Vision and Understanding of World Missions

Improved understanding about our world OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA— Teens will learn about other languages, customs and cultures. They will also experience the beauty of God’s creation as they visit some of the world’s most famous and beautiful landmarks.                     Increased awareness of the needs of missionaries and of the unreached —  Your teen will likely have a better ‘global’ burden for the opportunities to serve and pray for the lost worldwide. Our teams have built remote jungle airstrips for missionary pilots, life-saving bridges in the African bush, a frontier hospital in Papua New Guinea, and hundreds of churches, schools, and orphanages, (often from the ground to a closed in roof) before departure. Our teams partner with local youth and churches to conduct open-air evangelism and one-on-one witnessing. These efforts have resulted in thousands of decisions for Christ and in some cases, new churches were born due to the success of these efforts.


When the summer is completed, the teens realize that God can use them NOW to do things they never before dreamed possible while heightening the realization of the needs and possibilities for future mission involvement and support.