Boot Camp


 What is it?

Boot Camp is a 10-day training camp designed to acquaint teens and leaders with conditions and customs of the mission field. Boot Camp is held at Tewantin, Queensland, Australia. It is held just prior to the teams heading overseas to their team projects.

obstacle course collage 2

Obstacle Course

A timed obstacle course with rope swings over a moat, a maze of tires, Jacobs ladder, Elijah’s Chariot, and finally a four metre wall, is used to unify the team and teach them how to work together.

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Daily Classes

Teens and leaders get up early and work hard all day. Daily classes which include laying bricks, mixing cement, tying steel, personal evangelism, Bible memory, music and puppetry, help prepare youth and leaders for their ministry.

personal spiritual growth collage

Personal Spiritual Growth

Boot camp is not all hard work however, and the training emphasize the spiritual aspect as well as the physical. Daily personal devotions, team prayer times, and evening rallies are a big part of the training.

commissioning 3


The highlight of Boot Camp is the commissioning of teens and leaders as teams depart for their field of service.

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Team members are supervised and led by adult leaders who have been screened and trained by Teen Missions. Adult leaders will maintain a strong discipline at all times.