Dates of Involvement: 26 December 2020 – 24 January 2021

Teach English this summer and impact the future of dozens of children attending a local school and young adults training in the Bible School where you will be housed. English will unlock new possibilities for employment, giving students hope for a bright future. Practical teaching, evangelism and construction skills are just the beginning for your own training this summer. Opportunities for ministering to children with drama, puppets and music will abound. As you develop facilities at the Bible School, you allow more local believers to be equipped to reach their communities. Your time of training begins at Boot Camp in Tewantin, Queensland, and will continue throughout your time in the field just outside of Yangon, Myanmar. Your summer will conclude at Debrief, back in Australia, before you return home. You could change the course of these children’s futures by simply saying, “I’ll go!” – will you?

Potential sightseeing: You may have the opportunity to visit the church and seminary established by Adoniram Judson, the very first American missionary to travel overseas in the early 1800’s. For shopping in Yangon, visit the Bogyoke Market and get great deals by bartering on items like brass, wood, jewelry, tapestries, clothing and many precious stones.

Team Cost: AU$2,796 / NZ$2,919

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Prices DO NOT include the registration fee or any travel to Boot Camp and home from Tewantin QLD.  All clothing, passport, visas, insurance, immunizations, equipment deposits, air tax or levies, changes in exchange rates, personal expenses, spending money and any other items required are at the participant’s expense. These expenses may vary substantially and will be made known to you nearer the time of departure and when an accurate cost can be determined by the airlines and immigration. We apologize for any and all inconveniences.

Note: Project details may change during the year. More information will be released in October in the team’s Specific Fact Sheet.