Our History

Meet the founders of TMIA

Peter Salisbury

“It took 24 hrs to do 28 kilometres on a dirt road and that was slippery and slimy.”

“My dad… got his shotgun, went out on the front veranda and boom, up into the sky and at the sound of the gun, they suddenly stopped and he called out to them, “Don’t be afraid. It’s not the end of the world but,” then he said to them, “if it was, are you ready?””

Bev Salisbury

“He alone is sufficient to guide us and to keep us.” 

“God has been very good.” 

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Teen Missions in the news!

Some more stories from the founders!

Peter's advice for aspiring missionaries

“There’s got to be motivation. It’s not a case of well I’ll sit back and wait for God to tell me. No. You’ve gotta be moving. Get busy for God.”

“God won’t move a subject that’s stationary.”

Story about the Lord coming through

“And to me, that was an amazing thing. How God organised that we had this guy come on the board, but when he realised the problem we had that he had a brother who was actually a lawyer.”

Teen Missions in Zambia

“…when I was running towards the ropes, I was saying, Lord Jesus, help me. And it was as if I got hold of him. And he took me across to the other side.”

“…sometimes we can’t see the rope but if we can go for the rope, Jesus himself, he’ll take us to the other side.”

A message for youth

“But He knows He’s got plans and purposes for us. And there are many times when you say I don’t understand what’s going on, I really don’t. but God knows. He has those plans. It’s always very difficult to find God’s will for the future.” 

“You can trust him. He keeps his promises. He will never fail you.”