Solomon Islands #2301


Solomon Islands Team Overview


Region: Pacific Islands

Location: Munda, Solomon Islands

Dates of involvement: 9 December 2023 - 20 January 2024

Aim: Evangelism, Cross-Cultural Missions, Reaching Remote Communities

COVID vaccine required: Yes

Cost: AU$3297  / NZ$3527  + $65 Registration Fee

Experience the Melanesian culture and their way of life this summer as you make a difference in this stunning island nation. The Solomon Islands includes six major islands and 900 smaller islands in Oceania. It is a tropical paradise, with unhurried village life and friendly locals. You'll partner with a missionary in Munda, Solomon Islands, this summer. The project scope is endless, with lots of needs in the area. From churches to medical centers. From schools to kindergartens. There are many practical projects needed to be done. The hope of the Gospel will come alive through the testimonies, music, and drama you will share. For sightseeing, you may go snorkeling in the coral waters full of beautiful marine life. There are also several war sights from WWII that you may visit. Don't just have an experience; become experienced in cross-cultural missions this summer. 

Boot Camp
Included in Team Registration
Partnering Ministry

Note: Project details may change during the year. More information will be released later in the year in the team’s Specific Fact Sheet. Monthly letters starting in June will be sent with updates and reminders.