Dear Friends and Family of TMIA,

After 30 Boot Camps, thousands of lives changed, hundreds of building projects built, thousands around the world hearing the Gospel for the very first time and hundreds having received their calling we are suspending our Boot Camp program for the time being. We have been praying about this for a very long time and it was not an easy conclusion to come to. There are many factors for this decision but the main three reasons are: the lack of Aussie staff, less attending Boot Camp and the increase in government oversight limiting volunteer programs. Over the history of TMIA we have had so many wonderful staff. Because of their faithfulness to God’s calling and their hard work they have kept and expanded this program. God, in His wisdom moved these great servants on to their next phase of life and relationship with Him. We have missed them all and thank God for the impact they had on so many lives.

So many ask, “What now?” Well, as I mentioned we are only suspending Boot Camp for now, we are NOT closing. As we have seen in the past and now trust God for the future, there are so many possibilities. We will continue the Aids Orphans and Street Children program as it is. We will be leasing out the camp site to another group while keeping the TMIA office open for whatever God wants to do next. Rena and I will still be based out of TMIA while travelling throughout Asia and the USA, assisting the bases in Myanmar, India, Cambodia, Philippines, Mongolia, and Indonesia and who knows, we may even get to help with a new base in Bangladesh. The rest is up to God and what He wants. The field is still white unto harvest and we still need help at the Australia base, as well as help to run programs like Motorcycle Sunday School Missions, expand Aids Orphans and Street Children program, assist with the BMW program overseas, and continue the overseas GAP year for young people. So, it is not the end but just the next phase for whatever God wants to do with those whom He has called. We are looking into new programs for 2018 like “Boots on the Ground”, GAP Year GO M.A.D. and Lord willing, restarting Boot Camp.

Pray for us; as always, there is still a LOT of work to do and many lives to be changed.

Finally, for all those former staff, leaders and team members we thank God for each and every one of you. Keep up with your devotions, pursue God and GO M.A.D. (Make a Difference) and oh yes, “Have fun and stay out of trouble.”

In Christ,

Mike & Rena

Eph. 6:10-18