Lead A Team


Need: Teens cannot go anywhere without godly men and women to lead them.

Location: Solomon Islands, Philippines, Madagascar, Fiji or Arnhem Land

Dates of Involvement: 6 December 2023 - 20 January 2024

Aim: Disciple, Serve and Empower Youth

Leader Seminar Traning: 6th - 8th October

Cost: Dependant on team location + $65 Registration Fee

Join us this summer as you share the love of Jesus, both practically and spiritually. We desire to see the Church come alive, awakened in faith, and ready to serve the Lord. Young people with a mission vision are vital to the future of the Church here in Australia and throughout the world. With 3.2 billion unreached peoples spread worldwide - and even in our nation - the Great Commission is far from fulfilled. Tomorrow’s missionaries can change the tide of our dwindling Church, boldly proclaiming the Gospel to all nations. Doesn’t the idea of youth excited about their faith excite you? Picture teens reaching out with confidence to show God’s love to their neighbour, dedicating their lives to Jesus and following Him wherever He leads, sharing freely what they realise God has freely given to them… perhaps, this summer, it will be the first time they understand God’s love for themselves, and want to share this with the world. One summer can change a young person’s life forever. You might have seen this within yourself or someone else who has been a part of a Teen Missions team. 

Your life experiences are invaluable to shaping a future team. So if you desire to walk alongside young people as they face the challenges and joys, offering them godly counsel for their struggles and seeing them grow in maturity and learn to live victoriously in the Lord, then register today!

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Experience the transforming power of God's Spirit as you help train and lead teams on strategic work and evangelistic projects around the world.