Food Fundraisers

Food Fundraisers

Bake sales are a great way to broaden your cooking skills and to let your creative juices flow. Brownies, cupcakes, slices, cakes, cookies and more, are just some of the examples you can bake! Bake sales can be held at church, schools, sporting events, or even at other fundraising events, such as a games night.

Do you love the smell of barbeques? Then a Brekkie BBQ is the perfect fundraising idea for you. A Brekkie BBQ can take place at your home, the park, or your church. It involves cooking all kinds of breakfast foods including bacon, eggs, sausages and pancakes on a BBQ. What a great way to meet people in the local community and get them involved in what you’re doing!

Chocolate fundraisers are a classic, and for good reason. They require little preparation, are reasonably simple to manage, and let’s face it, who doesn’t love chocolate? Simply research what chocolate boxes you would like to order and how much you want to sell, plan how and where you want to sell it, and see who you can get involved to help you.

Craving a delectable sweet treat of your favourite scoop of ice-cream, with sprinkles and a cherry on top? If so, you should consider doing an ice cream stall for your fundraising. Simple to run, an ice cream stall can be held at your church or any other appropriate location, and it is a great way to get people involved in what you’re doing over the summer.

Running a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day breakfast is an excellent way to raise funds and get the community involved in what you’re doing over the summer, while showing your appreciation toward parents.

Imagine a stack of fluffy pancakes in front of you, with a drizzle of maple syrup covering the stack. A pancake stall is easy to run and let’s be honest, there aren’t many people who don’t love pancakes! A pancake stall can be run at locations such as your local church, and it is a great opportunity to let people know what you’re doing, while enjoying good company and some delicious food.

Who doesn’t love a good sausage sizzle? There’s a good reason they’re such a fundraising classic. You could run it after church, at a Bunnings, or even as part of another event. It’s simple; you only need to cook the sausages and onions on a BBQ and sell them with whatever drinks you want to be on offer. Doing a sausage sizzle is a great way to let people in your community know what you’re doing and to raise support.