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Boot Camp Kids (childcare) will be available for families. Please contact the office if you would like your children to participate.
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All counselling volunteers will be required to have a valid BlueCard and do additional ChildSafe training with an additional cost of $20 (AUD)
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The purpose of the Health Form is to inform TMIA, and if necessary, medical personnel of any medical information that pertains to our care for you as you volunteer. Please be sure to include any information that may hinder your ability to volunteer (i.e. physically, mentally or emotionally)
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Including and not limited to allergies to penicillin, sulphur, iodine, aspirin, acetminophen or other drugs; poison ivy, soaps or any other contact substances; milk or other food products
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A BlueCard is Queensland's Working with Children Check. All volunteers (18 years or older) are required to hold a valid Blue Card.
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