Ongoing Fundraisers

Ongoing Fundraisers

Do you love kids? Babysitting may be for you! Ask your family and friends for opportunities to look after their kids and then offer your services to the community. Babysitting is an easy way to raise funds while having fun looking after children! 

Cleaning can be a great way to serve others, and could take place as fundraising in more private settings such as people’s homes or community spaces like a church. Cleaning works great as an ongoing fundraiser because it’s something that will always need to be regularly completed, and if you’re diligent in your work people will generally be willing to keep having you back!

Do you have a gift for making handmade goods? Maybe you should consider doing a handmade items stall. A handmade items stall is an excellent way to raise funds for your summer team. You can sell an abundance of different things including bookmarks, bags and scrunchies.

Imagine spending the day with a fluffy, four-legged friend or listening to the tunes of a bird chirping. Pet services are a great way to fundraise, as well as learn key life skills, such as independence and responsibility. Hours are flexible to suit you in your busy day-to-day schedule. You can mind the pet at your own home or at the owner’s home, and for some pets you could offer a walking service in the local area!

Tutoring is a great way to not only help others but also to raise funds for your summer team. Tutoring would involve advertising your availability and your subject specialities on social media or at church and then going to the student’s house to help them. It can be beneficial as an ongoing fundraiser as a tutoring job is usually reoccurring. Tutoring allows you to set your own rates, which can then be negotiated as necessary with those people you are tutoring.

Do you have a passion for gardening? Or do you have a desire to help people with their yard work? Then this method of fundraising is for you! The idea of doing yard work to raise funds for your Teen Missions team is amazing, because all it requires is the motivation to help people out!