Teen Missions Certificate of Ministry

Discover the TMIA Certificate pathway, a collaborative learning experience in partnership with Sydney Missionary Bible College (SMBC). While engaging in SMBC's lectures alongside fellow students, TMIA participants follow a distinct route, supported by The Journey faculty and TMIA staff, and subject to a nominal audit fee rather than full enrollment fees.
The TMIA Certificate emphasises practicality over traditional academics, enabling hands-on learning and skill development. Through this approach, students acquire theological insights alongside ministry-relevant abilities, aligning them with the demands of effective Christian service.
Completion of the program grants the Teen Missions Certificate of Ministry, a testament to your theological growth and practical ministry abilities. Recognised jointly by TMIA and SMBC, this certificate symbolises a fusion of collaborative learning and real-world readiness, equipping you for impactful Christian missionary endeavors. Please be aware that FEE-HELP support is not applicable to this certification.